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Custom Designed Cantilever, Stanchion and Pallet Racks


Design Storage has over 30 years of experience planning, designing and installing warehouse rack systems. We work with your floorplan and use your specific unit load types, weights, dimensions and the trucks being used to set the criteria for determining the best way to maximize limited space.

We can achieve peak efficiency by pairing a quality racking system with a sideloader specifically built for narrow aisles. By optimizing existing storage, Design Storage can minimize costs, environmental impact, and product damage while improving safety and making your business significantly more efficient.

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Design Storage can help you get the most from your storage space. Get in touch with one of our experienced consultants to discuss your specific warehouse requirements. 

CAD drawing of warehouse racking system plan

Cantilever Racks

A cantilever racking system is specifically designed for storing long and bulky materials such as lumber, plywood, PVC, steel pipe, and metal or bar stock.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking Systems



There are no length limitations on stored goods. This allows you to use the same rack system for odd shaped items and objects of varying lengths.


Because there are no vertical columns blocking the front of the rack, it is therefore easy to load and unload materials quickly and safely. 


This economical racking system takes advantage of limited space and most importantly can be easily expanded as needed.

Baumann GX 70 sideloader lifting a bundle of lumber on to the top level of a cantilever rack

The Easiest Way to Access & Store Lengthy Material

Cantilever Racks are a fast and easy storage system because there are no vertical columns that block access to sideloading forklifts. This type of racking system is ideally suited for storing long and bulky materials of any length. They can be found being used outdoors and indoors storing building materials, sheet metal, heavy duty metals, pipe, bar stock, doors, windows, rugs and more.

The free standing cantilever racking design consists of a base that anchors the system to the floor and upright columns. The cantilevered arms that hold the product connect to the upright columns. Loading and unloading is quick and simple because there are no front access obstructions. The product can be simply be lifted and loaded onto the cantilever arms.

The cantilever rack systems are customizable because the arms are easily adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of load heights. The rack can be as high as your sideloader can load/unload and built as long as needed within your warehouse space. A single sided system can easily become a double sided system.


  • Cantilever rack systems are customizable.
  • Easily adjustable arms can accommodate a wide variety of load heights.
  • The rack can be built as high as your sideloader can load/unload
    and built as long as needed within your warehouse space.
  • No vertical obstructions on shelves.

Pallet Racks

Pallet Racking Systems are specifically designed for storing heavy, bulky materials that are already loaded on to pallets.

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Systems


Heavy Duty

Our pallet racking systems are custom built for the most demanding applications and harshest environments from outdoor storage areas to high-traffic warehouses.


High quality and durable components are used in the construction of these pallet racks giving you peace of mind that your people and product are protected.


Pallet racks are configurable to hold a large variety of different product such as heavy loads of coil or tool and die equipment.

Benefits of Pallet Racks

Palletized items are stored in horizontal rows on multiple vertical levels. This allows for vertical space to be used efficiently while increasing general warehouse organization. Sideloading forklift trucks are used to load and unload materials, therefore improving warehouse efficiency and saving stock picking time.

Heavy Duty Pallet Racks use structural I-beam construction and steel components thereupon providing outstanding quality, strength and durability.  Vertical storage capacity on high-strength shelves is designed to accommodate heavy loads such as coil or tool and die equipment weighing up to 80,000 lbs.  These heavy duty racking systems employ the same standards used to engineer large steel structures such as buildings and bridges. Bolted shelf beam construction is adjustable and accommodates changing storage requirements.

Heavy duty pallet racking built with structural steel components protect your employees and product.

Stanchion Racks

Stanchion Racking Systems are custom designed specifically for the vertical storage of products of unique shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Stanchion Racking Systems



Engineered to AISC standards, these robust racking systems use structural I-beam construction to hold upwards of 40,000 lbs per arm.


Keep your employees and inventory safe by keeping things organized and allowing workers to easily retrieve parts.


You can organize and maximize your storage space by fully utilizing your existing floorplan, thereby saving time.

Warehouse using stanchion racking to hold long loads of metal

Why Use Specialized Stanchion Racks?

A Stanchion Racking System will store material of any length, weight or size. The heavy duty upright arms are built on round, square or octagonal bases that allow various weight distributions. The racks store material in a vertical position and therefore will organize the warehouse inventory by separating materials such as PVC piping, sheet metal, steel plate, metal tubes, and granite effectively and efficiently.

A variety of column, arm and shelf configurations provide a safe and organized storage solution. Using stanchions to build upward keeps interconnected parts from being separated in the warehouse.

Stanchions can also increase the efficiency of traffic flow within your warehouse by creating a well-organized storage system for your inventory and movement of personnel.

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