KP Order Picking System

Two in One, Order Picker and Multidirectional Sideloader


Model KP can be used as a classic Electric Multidirectional Sideloader for the warehousing of complete packs and with the platform installed for order picking of individual customer orders. During the order picking operation, all functions are controlled from the platform. Fork-lift truck and platform form a unit.

This order picker can be used for the one-sided rack operation in narrow aisles and moreover for the two-sided rack operation in unguided aisles. (End picking of window profile for example) The order-picked goods are safely removed by a separate fork-lift truck simply by lifting safety barrier. Operation and use: One-man or two-man operation for up to 20 ft long lightweight profiles and sheet stock which is between 23.6″ and 82.6″ deep

  • Order picking of up to 20 ft loads
  • Load capacities from 3,300 lbs to 15,400 lbs
  • lift heights to 393″

Download the PDF Brochure

Hubtex KP Order Picking System with removable order picking platform
Hubtex KP Order Picking System with removable order picking platform picking sheets of wood
Hubtex KP Order Picking System with removable order picking platform at top shelf of cantilever rack picking  ply wood

Multidirectional Steering

Enables precise, predictable maneuverability in tight areas. This exclusive HUBTEX system provides a much greater steering angle and overall maneuverability than any competitor.

Articulated Frame

The two-piece articulated chassis frame, which has been tried and tested over decades ensures permanent floor contact of all wheels to immediately compensate for uneven floor or ground. This exclusive design makes the truck extremely stable.

Tires Protected Under Frame

All wheels on HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloaders are protected within the truck frame. This prevents downtime and helps eliminate unnecessary damage to important drive components.

CAN-BUS Technology

All HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloaders are configured for CAN-BUS communication. All units are equipped with very low maintenance AC drive and hydraulic pump units.

HIT2 - Information Terminal

All HUBTEX electric sideloaders are self-diagnostic. A state of the art HIT2 terminal provides the driver with key operational and maintenance information at a single glance to a full color screen.

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