Cavaion Baumann GX/GS 120-400

Diesel Sideloaders for Harsh Applications

17,500 – 22,000 LBS CAPACITY RANGE

The Cavaion Baumann GX/GS 120-400 range of sideloaders is definitively the most robust, yet most compact sideloaders with these lifting capacities. This range guarantees not only safe and reliable handling of long and bulky goods, but also the best possible cost/benefit ratio. These sideloaders work in extreme applications under harsh conditions where increasingly long and heavy loads are routine.

Within the production series, the industrial trucks can be tailor-made to meet the individual requirements of the customers.

  • Heavy duty sidleoader
  • Taylormade
  • Diesel powered
  • Platform height: 52″ (8t) 56″ (10 t)
  • Standard lift height:157.5″
  • Standard platform widths: 55″

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Baumann GXS 350 carrying a container
Baumann GS 180 carrying solid steel forms
Baumann GCS 180 Diesel Sideloaders placing load in aisle outdoors
Baumann GXS 350 with spreader
Baumann GS 120 with bus body
Baumann GS 200 Diesel Sideloader with wide forks
Baumann GXS350 lifting container
Baumann GS 150 carrying lumber outside
Baumann GS 400 in steel mill
Baumann GS 200 unloading large steel plate slabs
Baumann GX 200 carrying steel plate
Baumann GS 150 with special attachment

See Our High Capacity Sideloaders In Action

Baumann load stabilizing tilt system

Baumann’s exclusive load-leveling system enables the machine deck, load bed and forks to remain perfectly level at all times regardless of terrain or slope. Below deck hydraulic cylinders and sensors are continually monitoring ground conditions and adjusting machine deck to remain level at all times.

Worm Gear Outreach System

The result of continual innovation, Baumann proudly offers an exclusive worm-gear driven mast outreach system. Utilizing industry-proven, reliable ball & screw componentry, Baumann has replaced hydraulic cylinders with smooth, low-maintenance direct drive components.


In harsh operating environments, tire walls can become susceptible to damage. BAUMANN offers a variety of solutions to reduce the effect of damage and avoidable downtime.


In dusty environments especially, the maintenance of the cooling system is essential. A large service cover at the rear of the chassis provides direct access to the radiator which can then be easily cleaned and maintained.


Complete video systems provide visibility to the area surrounding the truck and can be particularly useful when traveling with high and long loads on the platform. Additional safety equipment, such as reverse alarm and warning lights, are also available from BAUMANN to suit individual customers safety requirements.


Attachments produced by BAUMANN are usually mounted integrally. This minimizes any loss in load capacity or usable platform width. For customers wishing to interchange between forks and attachments, quick release systems are also available.

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