HUBTEX M150 – Multidirectional Sideloader

Safe Handling of Large Glass Sheets and Packs


The HUBTEX Multidirectional Sideloader, M 150, can handle single sheets up to 1 ton and glass packs up to 20 tons. This truck is used to handle jumbo size glass. Furthermore, glass handling attachments can be adjusted to various glass pack dimensions.

The M-series stores glass packs on floor bearers, which increases the storage density and optimizes the warehouse capacity. Additionally the glass handling sideloader performs order picking by collecting glass packs and placing them on dispatch stillages.

  • Intuitive operating elements
  • Load capacities up to 20 tons
  • Precise truck movements
  • 360 degree panoramic view
  • Usage of high quality components
  • Cost saving HX steering system
  • Maintenance friendly design

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HUBTEX M150 – Multidirectional Sideloader with glass attachment silhouette
HUBTEX M150 – Multidirectional Sideloader with glass attachment moving glass
M 150 offers the 360 all around view
HUBTEX M150 – Multidirectional Sideloader with attachment loading glass
M 150 storing glass packs on floor beares to increase warehouse density
HUBTEX M150 – Multidirectional Sideloader unloading glass
M 150 moves glass packs from a stilage to floor beares in a narrow aisle
HUBTEX M150 – Multidirectional Sideloader with vacuum attachment in aisle of glass
M 150 is able to load/unload a stilage with 30 t glass in 2 working cycles
HUBTEX M150 – Multidirectional Sideloader Handling of Large Glass Sheet Packs
M 150 provides optimized visibility for the operator

Vacuum attachment for single sheet handling

Anti glass breakage fork sensor kit

Anti collision scanner

Independent certifications confirm HUBTEX quality

HUBTEX quality is documented by numerous certifications. Since 1997 HUBTEX maintains a quality management system in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Another quality feature is the manufacturer’s qualification according to DIN 18800, which forms the basis of work for all qualified welding engineers and experts at HUBTEX. All HUBTEX machines are compliant with the latest EU regulations and are CE marked.

Endurance and stability test of all machines prior to delivery

All HUBTEX trucks are tested prior to delivery. For example, all trucks have a full stability test in accordance with EN 1726-1 and an endurance test under full load.

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