HUBTEX GTT – Glass Frame Transporter

Glass Handling Platform Trucks


For the indoor transport of A and L stillages with feet, HUBTEX offers a complete range of platform trucks. The GTT series handles capacities up to 33 tons. The glass handling trucks pick up stillages by driving under the stillage and lifting the platform. The trucks “highlight” is a compact design with an extremely small turning radius

  • Latest generation of power controls with high energy efficiency
  • Stand up platform or sit down cabin both in open or closed versions available
  • Synchronous vertical lift systems
  • Glass securing device
  • Intuitive operating elements
  • Maintenance friendly truck design
  • Electric, Diesel or LPG drive
  • Platform adaptable to stillage design

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GTT loading/unloading an autoclave
GTT loading/unloading an autoclave
GTT for Indoor Use
GTT for Combined Indoor/Outdoor Use
Glass securing devices adjustable to different glass pack heights and widths
Different versions of glass stillage securing devices to fix the stillage on the platform
Different versions of glass stillage securing devices to fix the stillage on the platform

Independent certifications confirm HUBTEX quality

HUBTEX quality is documented by numerous certifications. Since 1997 HUBTEX maintains a quality management system in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Another quality feature is the manufacturer’s qualification according to DIN 18800, which forms the basis of work for all qualified welding engineers and experts at HUBTEX. All HUBTEX machines are compliant with the latest EU regulations and are CE marked.

Endurance and stability test of all machines prior to delivery

All HUBTEX trucks are tested prior to delivery. For example, all trucks have a full stability test in accordance with EN 1726-1 and an endurance test under full load.

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