Automated Guided Vehicles – AGVs

Unmanned Transport Systems


When implementing automated guided vehicles into your operation, ensure your return on investment by choosing low-risk, highly reliable AGVs from Design Storage.

Whether handling small components or an entire fuselage, Automated Guided Vehicles by Design Storage can provide safe, reliable, transportation of mission critical assemblies.

Using laser sensors for guidance and positioning accuracy, scanners for personnel safety and obstacle avoidance, and a host of optional guidance systems including frequency based, optical, laser, indoor GPS, and free range on grid, our range of AGVs can be integrated directly into your production line for maximum efficiency.

Variable speed AC drives allow quicker recycle times which translates into more productivity.

Multiple units can be synchronized to “Fly in Formation”.

Hubtex Automated Guided Vehicle being tested at Hubtex
Load testing at factory
Hubtex Automated Guided Vehicle carrying a die
Automated Guided Vehicle moving the fuselage of an aircraft
Transporter/Crawler for tail section delivery to final assembly
Hubtex High Lift Automated Guided Vehicle
High Lift Load Test at Factory
Hubtex Linked High Lift Automated Guided Vehicles
Two High Lift AGVs Fully Synchronized in Lift and Travel
Drawing of Automated Guided Vehicle with the wing of an aircraft in a paint booth
AGV Transporting Tail Section into Paint Booth

High Lift AGVs can work in synchronized pairs

Low Lift AGVs have a docking feature and work in synchronized pairs

Quick Specs

  • Capacities from 1 to 200 Tons
  • Units can be “linked” for longer loads
  • No hydraulic components
  • Various optical sensor systems available for positioning accuracy, personnel safety, and obstacle avoidance
  • Easily integrates into your production line
  • Highly reliable, low risk solutions

Lithium AC Power

State of the art Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries power AC motors providing a reliable and maintenance free drive system with precise incremental speed control.

Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed AC drives allow quicker recycle times which translates into more productivity.

Remote Operation

All machine functions are at the operator’s finger tips. The platform can be spun about center of the pod configuration or all wheel pods can be steered in any direction with the HBC wireless pendant controller.

Remote Control for manual control of AGVs

  • Technical Skills and Licenses
  • Professional Engineering (Licensed WA PE)
  • FEA Stress Analysis
  • Inventor CAD
  • AutoCAD
  • Integrators for Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
  • PLC programming and sensor integration

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