With the new steering system HX it is possible to change from lengthwise into crosswise drive without a stopover.

Fulda, Germany February 2015. The sideloader specialist HUBTEX sets new innovative standards for its core product electric multidirectional sideloader. Through the use of the new optionally available steering system it is possible to change from lengthwise into crosswise drive without a stopover. This reduces the time needed for switching the wheels and offers excellent maneuverability.

“Another advantage consists in the significantly reduced wear of the wheels as the change in direction happens while driving the wheels do not turn on the spot which results in much lesser wear of the wheels and longer service life. Typical areas of application of the new steering system are applications with a lot of changes in direction in free ranging stocks, the loading and unloading of lorries or the block storage.” – General Sales Manager Juan Cantalejo

The advantage of the intuitively operated steering system consists in the smooth transition between the truck’s directions of motion and movement patterns. The changes of steering programs which complicate the operation and slow down processes are not necessary. With determined steering programs it is necessary to have an experienced driver who chooses the best steering program for each situation. Using the intuitive steering system the driver executes the desired motion with the control elements in a comprehensible way. The truck follows the motion command immediately. These circumstances make the intuitive steering system safe to operate just after a short period of introduction because the driver uses the control elements intuitively the right way. For that the joystick has been developed further – the operating happens by pressing the direction preselection on the joystick. Via the steering wheel you can drive in the usual way.