Sideloaders and Racking Systems for Metal Service Centers

Productive, efficient and reliable material handling solutions.

Design Storage makes smart use of limited space. Our sheet steel storage systems, steel coil material handling and bar and pipe racking systems fully use existing floor space and save time in Metal Service Centers. Keep employees and product safe by using our quality equipment.

We have held a dominating position in metal service centers with our combined experience in racking systems and narrow aisle side loading forklifts. By using sideloaders, rack systems can be placed closer together. This allows for a more efficient warehouse design and a safer metal storage system.

Handling and Storing Bars and Shapes

Narrow Aisle Sideloaders and Racking Systems

Specializing in high capacity storage, our sidelaoders and racking systems provide robust solutions to increase efficiency and safety. Sideloading Forklift trucks are a perfect fit for moving metal bars, shapes and other long loads.

Sheet Steel Storage Systems

Found in Steel Service Centers Nationwide.

Design Storage offers reliable side loaders and custom racking systems for moving and storing steel sheets and plates in metal service centers. Our cantilever racking systems are heavy duty and strong, perfect for storing sheet metal.

Steel Coil Storage and Handling

Specialized Handling Solutions

We offer an extensive line of products specifically designed for the safe and efficient transportation of coils and slit coil. Utilizing heavy-duty coil storage racks,  coil cradles and counterbalance forklifts, steel coil can be safely transported and stored.

Handling and Storing Pipe Tubing

Ideal for Long and Heavy Loads

Our specialty is moving and storing long loads like metal pipe tubing. Pairing a sideloading forklift with a cantilever rack system allows for almost any length of tubing to be safely transported and stored in a small amount of space. Hubtex and Cavaion Baumann Side loaders are known for their quality and reliability.

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