flux40_02Design Storage & Handling is excited to introduce the FluX from HUBTEX, the first generation of indoor/outdoor multi-directional counterbalance trucks designed to handle and transport pallets and long materials. The ergonomically designed cabin features a panoramic view improved by a compact lift mast structure. With the most advanced AC motor technology, simple drive controls and the exclusive HX steering system, the FluX is efficient, versatile and highly maneuverable, regardless of load length.

The FluX is equipped with a 4-wheel chassis allowing the vehicle to achieve tighter turns while also enabling greater stability and higher residual load capacities. The exclusive HUBTEX HX steering system enables precise, predictable control in confined areas with a much tighter steering angle and overall maneuverability than any competitor.

Thanks to the patented HX omni-directional steering system, the FluX can change effortlessly from standard steering mode to sideways travel without the need to stop and reconfigure each wheel. This system has been proven over 5 years of hard use in hundreds of applications in our standard sideloader range. The smooth transition from crosswise to lengthwise steering will substantially improve productivity as well as life of the tires.

Masts and fork carriages are specifically developed for this new truck series. With a focus on visibility, the compact mast is paired with a wider carriage to better handle long loads. The carriage is also available with hydraulically adjustable forks or integrated sideshifter.

The spacious cabin provides the operator with plenty of legroom. Visibility is optimized with a panoramic view. The new HIT3 display provides all key vehicle information, such as wheel position, speed, battery charge and self-diagnostic maintenance codes. The height adjustable, tilting steering column offers additional comfort to the operator.

The unique cabin concept provides the driver with clear all-around visibility increasing safety and efficiency. The compact construction of the truck allows for the driver to view intended travel path and load positioning.

For complete details about load capacities and truck specifications for the new FluX series, call Design Storage & Handling at 800-548-2839 or visit Tube & Pipe Booth #N6915 as well as Forming & Fabricating Booth #C44085 at Fabtech 201.