Alro Steel, a manufacturer of metal, industrial supplies and plastics, has furthered their commitment to Hubtex Sideloaders. With the purchase of their 125th sideloader, Alro Steel is once again amping up their production in a big way.

The installation of Hubtex sideloaders, produced in Germany, has greatly increased throughput within Alro Steel’s  facilities, allowing for metal and other industrial materiel to be moved throughout the warehouse three times faster than traditional floor piles and cranes.

In addition, Hubtex Sideloaders has allowed for increased warehouse capacity and safety. By utilizing the Hubtex computer guidance system, Alro steel is capable of lifting 6,000 lbs of steel, 20 feet in the air at the push of a button. With state of the art safety systems, this happens both quickly and safely. The idea of moving this much weight was once a terrifying proposition. With new technologies in sideloaders, it is quickly becoming commonplace in storage facilities.