Wheel Drive Units (WDUs)

Monument Mobilization

“The End of the Production Floor Monument”


Wheel Drive Unit – Drive and Steering

CAD drawing of a WDU Wheel Drive Unit – Drive and Steering

Replace fixed legs or casters with battery powered Wheel Drive Units (WDU) and turn any work platform or monument into a self propelled, omnidirectional tool that can be positioned safely with a high level of accuracy. Units can be installed in synchronized sets to handle weights in excess of 200 tons.

  • Programmable steer, drive and brake functions
  • Steering and drive units are all electric and use reliable AC motors with Curtis Inverters
  • Workstands mobilized with Wheel Drive Units can be synchronized electronically to “fly in formation” in moving line production configurations
  • Mobilized workstands can quickly and easily “break formation” to facilitate time effective and space efficient recycle procedures
  • Uses common components with nationwide product support


Wheel Unit – Steering

CAD drawing of WU Wheel Unit – Steering

Convert any work platform into a self propelled, omnidirectional moving platform

CAD drawing showing Self Driven omnidirectional tool using both WDU and WU

Self Driven omnidirectional tool using both WDU and WU

Another CAD drawing showing Self Driven omnidirectional tool using both WDU and WU

Tool positioned to plane body using sensors and scanners.

Adjustable Wheel Pressure Springs

Compensates for undulating floors and facilitates drive traction.

Lithium Power, AC Drive

State of the art Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries power AC motors providing a reliable and maintenance free drive system with precise incremental speed control. The tremendous torque capabilities of the compact AC motors gives the WDU pod a drawbar pull force of 2,200 lbs.

Remote Operation

All machine functions are at the operator’s finger tips. The platform can “turn on the spot” or be steered in any direction, without castor whip, by means of the HBC wireless pendant controller.


Modular Design

CANbus communication allows unlimited WDUs to be employed in a single workstand or fully synchronized over several workstands. Modular design allows for quick installation or replacement.

Accuracy and Speed

Scanners, sensors and guidance systems can provide positional accuracy to less than .25″. Travel speed is field adjustable via a user friendly touchscreen. Speed can also be increased depending on cycle time, load usage and energy consumption.

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