EPL 30 – Material Lift and Platform

The Workhorse of the DSH Material Lifters Line Up

EPL 30 – Material Lift and Platform

Originally developed for the Boeing 767 Program to replace aging, fixed height material elevators alongside final assembly workstands, the EPL 30 now brings operator confidence, increased safety, reliability and time saving efficiency to the 747, 767, 777 and 787 Programs.

With the ability to lift 32’ and still collapse down to travel under wing, the EPL 30 material lifters save valuable time and resources during production line indexing and recycle procedures.

This omnidirectional vehicle can be guided into its final docking position and raised to predetermined levels with ramped acceleration/deceleration. Components are easily loaded via a 7 degree ramp angle and unloaded with interlocks and safety rails that comply with the highest workplace safety standards. SICK scanners can be added for obstacle detection and greater personnel security.

Workhorse Reliability

CAD drawing of EPL 30 – Material Lift and Platform
Two Hubtex EPL 30 – Material Lift and Platforms linked together

Units can be linked for long component handling

Quick Specs

  • Complies with the highest safety standards
  • 3 to 10 Ton capacity ratings available
  • 170″ x 145.5″ Platform
  • Lift Heights to 384″
  • Collapsed height of 110″ for clearance
  • Components are common to thousands of installations and are well supported nation wide
  • Loading ramp provides less than 7 degree ramp angle
  • Custom platform dimensions can be ordered depending on needs
HBC wireless pendant controller

Remote Operation

All machine functions are at the operator’s finger tips. The platform can be spun about center of the pod configuration or all wheel pods can be steered in any direction with the HBC wireless pendant controller.

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