Rail Mounted Trucks


The HUBTEX rail-mounted trucks are tailor-made with well-proven standard components in the driving mechanisms and the control technology. The rail-mounted truck is exclusively designed for in-plant transport.

  • load capacities up to 330,000 lbs
  • towing and/or vehicle
  • indoor and outdoor application
  • battery-powered, electric powered or without driving mechanism
  • rugged running wheels
  • cable remote control
  • maintenance-free AC drive technology
  • Robust design
  • individual frame design, depending on the transport task

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  • Working headlights
  • Four-chamber lights
  • Flashing lights
  • All-round lights
  • Acoustic driving alarm
  • Contact strips
  • Bumpers
  • Laser scanner

Radio and cable remote control

The radio remote control is equipped with joysticks for precise control, emergency-stop, horn buttons and other options. Alternatively, a cable remote control is also available. This can be connected to the vehicle using several sockets.


  • Emergency-stop buttons on all sides
  • Protection bars on the front sides
  • Optional personal protection system using laser scanners

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