Diesel / Gas Fourway Sideloaders


The HUBTEX DQ Series is a very robust and compact fourway sideloader developed for indoor and outdoor use which can also be used on semi-solid ground. The industrial trucks of this series are available with diesel or gas engine in the load capacity up to 10 t. The 3-wheel hydrostatically driven sideloader is an all-purpose vehicle which can be used for the transport of long loads in narrow aisles or as conventional frontloader for pallet and block stacking.

  • load bearing capacities to 22,000 lbs
  • three in one: Frontloader, Sideloader, Fourway sideloader
  • hydrostatic all wheel drive with separately activated differential lock for poor ground or floor conditions, even for slippery surfaces like ice and snow
  • fourway steering for optimal handling and efficient use of space
  • powerful diesel or gas engine

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Drive Unit

Diesel and gas (LPG) engines made by well-known manufacturers are optionally available for all universal fourway sideloaders. They comply easily with the current worldwide environmental standards. The good accessibility of the engines and drive components due to the installation of robust maintenance covers improves the ease of service and helps to reduce costs. Due to efficient cooling of the engines, the maximum possible service life is achieved while the oil consumption is kept low.

Multidirectional All-Wheel Steering

Enables precise, predictable maneuverability in tight areas. This exclusive HUBTEX system provides a much greater steering angle and overall maneuverability than any competitor.

Carriage Tilt

By tilting the carriage rather than the mast, HUBTEX Sideloaders maintain more stability by allowing higher derated capacities, therefore increasing safety at all lift heights.

HIT2 - Information Terminal

All HUBTEX sideloaders are self-diagnostic. A state of the art HIT2 terminal provides the driver with key operational and maintenance information at a single glance to a full color screen.

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