Glass Handling

Material Handling for the Glass Industry

Sideloaders and Industrial Trucks Designed to Transport Glass

Reliability and quality are the decisive factors for the transport equipment used in the glass industry since these vehicles usually have 365 days per year of heavy duty work around the clock.

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Customized Multidirectional Sideloaders

For more than 30 years Hubtex has been developing and producing glass handling equipment. Their production of Four Directional Sideloaders as well as special trucks has been used to offer customers in the float glass industry a complete transport, storage and loading system of glass piles.

Custom Electric Multidirectional Sideloaders

  • Capacities to 110,000 lbs
  • Glass handling vacuums and attachments
  • Anti glass breakage security features

Glass Handling Sideloaders

Glass Frame Transporters

HUBTEX Glass Frame Transporters can handle A and L-stillages with lateral lifting rails. The truck loading capacity goes up to 42 tons. GTR’s main Task is to move stillages with high volume of glass packs between cold end stacker, warehouse, glass processing and dispatch. GTR’s high truck reliability is a precondition for an optimal, continuous and efficient internal flow of your glass products.

Glass Frame Transporters

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