Component Transportation

Practical, Proven, Low Risk Solution that Will Give Years of Reliable Service

Whether it be loading carbon composites into an autoclave, delivering a tail section into a Class 1, Div 1 paint booth, or moving an entire fuselage into the final assembly area, Design Storage has the experience needed to satisfy your requirements with a practical, proven, low risk solution that will give years of reliable service.

Automated Guided Vehicles

When implementing automated guided vehicles into your operation, ensure your return on investment by choosing low-risk, highly reliable AGVs from DSH Aerospace.

EPL 30

The EPL30 is workhorse of the DSH material lifters line up. The standard unit has a single platform with capacities to 10,000 lbs designed to interface with a fixed workstand.

EPL Custom

EPL material lifters can be customized to solve unique material handling challenges. Platform dimensions, capacities and various attachments can be modified for specific applications.

Make Your Move With Confidence

Sideloader with wing handling attachment

AGC transporting tail section into paint booth

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